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News / Thames Coromandel Update with Mercury Bay Councillor Tony Fox

Thames Coromandel Update with Mercury Bay Councillor Tony Fox

Thames Coromandel Update with Mercury Bay Councillor Tony Fox

Posted September 30, 2021
Council Matters , Podcast

Brian Gentil spoke with Mercury Bay Councillor Tony Fox from the Thames-Coromandel District Council and asked him to give us an update on Council’s Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) project, which is about to enter a new phase.

Tony explained where they are up to and said they have four coastal panels representing the four areas around the district.

The SMP is a critical piece of work that aims to better understand the coastline and the environmental and climate changes that are affecting it. Council’s very clear goal is to ensure thriving and resilient communities.

The SMP is a three-year project and is now well over halfway through. The four Coastal Panels have been working incredibly hard to define and reduce the coastal flooding and erosion risks to people, property and assets.

The Panels are made of people in the community, and technical experts, and have received and assessed a large amount of expert advice and data on the erosion and inundation risks to each specific area of our coastline.

There is an interactive map which summarises these risks available on TCDC’s website:

The options for risk management and coastal protection are being looked into. These include hard engineering solutions like stop banks and rock walls, as well as softer options such as dune restoration and wetland regeneration.

The panels are evaluating which sustainable defence measures may be appropriate for each area.

Some communities are at more immediate risk than others, and so public meetings to explain all the options being considered in each area will be held.

The public is encouraged to attend the meetings which are scheduled to begin on October 23. This includes in-person meetings and online.

Thames Coromandel District Council is also encouraging everyone to familiarise themselves with the work that’s been done to date, including the hazard and risk data that the SMP project has already released to the public, so meetings can be as productive and focused as possible