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News / New Tairua Pepe Bridge Still Years Away

New Tairua Pepe Bridge Still Years Away

New Tairua Pepe Bridge Still Years Away

Posted October 11, 2021
Community , Road Info

Media Release: Coromandel MP Scott Simpson

News that no funding is available for the construction of a new Pepe Bridge in the centre of Tairua is a huge blow to the local community, says Coromandel MP Scott Simpson.

A letter from NZTA sent to the MP confirms there is no funding available during the 2021-2024 period.

‘They’ve held community meetings, done a range of reviews and investigations, but simply haven’t allocated any construction funding.’

‘There’s not even a firm commitment for it to be in the next round between 2024-2027.’

Community members and road users will be devastated by the news there’s nothing going to happen in the foreseeable future, says Simpson.

‘We’d been led to believe a new bridge was on the near horizon, but now it’s clear it’s a very distant horizon indeed.’

‘What’s worse is there is absolutely no commitment to build new safe, modern two way bridges at Hikuai or just north of Tairua township at Graham’s Creek.’

‘We know there are structural issues with the Pepe Bridge and that should be an urgent priority for replacement, but all three bridges need to be replaced for there to be an effective solution to Tairua’s bridge problem.’

‘Just doing one won’t solve the problems, but it’s better than nothing.’

‘To find out that even the one most urgent project at Pepe has no funding for the foreseeable future is just a slap in the face to all local road users.’

‘NZTA and the current Government talk a big game about improving roading infrastructure, but when push comes to shove sorting out the one way bridges on the Coromandel isn’t even on their radar.’