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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted October 12, 2021
Emergency Services , Podcasts

The Gold FM Fire Call Out featured no jobs for the Waihi Fire and Rescue crew to attend, a first for a long time.

Chief Fire Officer can’t remember the last time they didn’t have to attend a fire, car crash, trees fallen over the road or a medical situation over a week’s period. Moe said it worked out well as they all attended a one day refresher course with St John on Saturday, which ties in with the two day course they do every other two years. As Moe said it readies them for any of the situations they come across and keeps them up to date with techniques and the likes. When asked how many calls they usually do in a year Moe said this year they were about average with over 200 so far, and Brian worked out with Monday being the 284th day of the year they are ‘on the job’ more days than not.

Brian queried how the station renovations were going and Moe was pleased to report there has been progress with bricklayers there, windows going in and things are ‘starting to come back together’, as Moe put it. Brian asked about a completion date and Moe said they are hoping for January at this stage.

Brian mentioned the knowledge required to operate the latest fire engines needing constant updating as well, which Moe agreed with, remembering the old fire engines compared to the latest technology that the new engines have these days.

To listen to the Gold FM Fire Call Out just click our podcast link …