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News / Thames Coromandel Update with Thames Ward Councillor Robyn Sinclair

Thames Coromandel Update with Thames Ward Councillor Robyn Sinclair

Thames Coromandel Update with Thames Ward Councillor Robyn Sinclair

Posted October 12, 2021
Council Matters , Podcast

Brian Gentil spoke to Thames Ward Councillor Robyn Sinclair to find out the latest about her Council’s Shoreline Management Plan project.

Robyn told Brian they have a major coastal management project underway to understand risks from climate change.

The project aims to ensure that we have thriving and resilient communities, Robyn said, providing more detail. We have four Coastal Panels who have done a huge amount of work to understand the risks to our shorelines. We’re now at the stage where we need the public to have input on what options are available for protecting our coastline and communities.

We also have a new digital tool to help you understand the risks in your specific area. You can access it on the project webpage

Public meetings will be held in October, beginning the week of the 23rd, see the website for the details for your area.

This is your chance to understand and have input on which protection and management options may be the right ones for your area.

The meetings will be following Covid 19 guidelines which may limit numbers.

Brian asked Robyn if she had seen the figures on vaccination levels around the country that the Ministry of Health has released and if she knew how Thames-Coromandel District stands in its vaccination rates.

Figures from Waikato DHB show that Thames-Coromandel District has the highest rate of fully vaccinated people aged 12 and above – 58.5% - in the Waikato.

For the first dose 75.6% of the eligible people have been vaccinated, not quite the highest, but it’s up there, Robyn said.

That’s great news, but we’re hearing from epidemiologists that much higher numbers of people need to be vaccinated so that COVID-19 doesn’t spread and overwhelm our health system.

If you haven’t got your vaccinations organised yet, there’s a nationwide Super Saturday push to get vaccinated this weekend.

Clinics and vaccination centres will be open all day so just walk-in or drive through if that’s available where you are. Check other locations on the website, Robyn said. Her challenge for everybody is for the Thames-Coromandel District to have the highest vaccination and stay there. “Just do it.”