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It's Recycling Week!

It's Recycling Week!

Posted October 20, 2021

Recycling Week is all about educating New Zealanders of best practice waste minimisation and recycling and encouraging conscious procurement and disposal of items and packaging, to create a waste free future for New Zealand.

Launched in 2013, an ever-increasing number of organisations (schools, corporates and everyone in between) are having fun and learning by taking part in the week.

Each day of Recycling Week features an easy-to-remember theme that will challenge and encourage you to re-think your waste minimization and recycling behaviours.

When we buy a product we also buy any waste associated with the product. We are all responsible for waste. It starts with us. It ends with us.

By taking responsibility for the stuff we consume (what we choose to buy and use) we can have a real positive impact on our environment.

Recycling will help save money and reduce the impact on our environment if we apply these easy tips for a waste-free lifestyle:

• Remember to rinse clean all plastic, glass and metal containers to ensure they are processed for recycling. Leftovers and oily residues cause problems for recyclers.

• Take reusable bags with you when shopping for groceries and gifts.

• When going to the beach, or out for a picnic, bring all your recyclables home with you to be sorted & recycled properly rather than throwing them in the general waste bins, the contents of which go straight to landfill.

• Rather than buying single-use, disposable crockery and cutlery, opt for compostable, or reusable alternatives.

• If everything doesn’t fit in your recycling bin, store it until the next collection, and place in your recycling bin, not the rubbish bin.

• Wherever possible, choose products without any packaging, or make sure all packaging is recyclable. Avoid products with excessive, non-recyclable packaging.

• Buy only the food you need, and make sure to compost any scraps & use quality leftovers for a meal next day.

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