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News / Thames Coromandel Update with Thames Councillor Sally Christie

Thames Coromandel Update with Thames Councillor Sally Christie

Thames Coromandel Update with Thames Councillor Sally Christie

Posted October 20, 2021
Council Matters , Podcast

Brian Gentil spoke to Thames Councillor Sally Christie for a Coromandel catch up. They talked about how Aucklanders won’t be able to visit the district this Labour Weekend. Sally said we’ll all look forward to seeing everyone at Christmas.

Sally talked about how vaccination is really important to her and a crucial tool to eliminate Delta without overwhelming health services. She spent time down at the mall on Super Saturday. She mentioned the mandatory rules for jobs will get really serious when it’s your job versus the jab… and the 1,000 operations that were cancelled in Auckland last week.

Brian asked Sally for an update on Council’s Shoreline Management Project.

The purpose of this Shoreline Management project is to help understand risks from climate change so that thriving and resilient communities and coastlines are maintained.

It’s a three-year project and is now over halfway through.

Four Coastal Panels (made up of people in the community along with technical experts) are working to define and reduce the coastal flooding and erosion risks to people, property and assets.

A digital tool is available online that summaries the risks in specific areas. You can access it on the project webpage

The coastal panels have done a huge amount of work to understand those risks, and they’re now at the “what should we be doing” stage of the project.

Sally said, “We need the public to have input on what options are available”.

With public meetings starting this weekend … Brian asked what will you get if you attend?

There’ll be explanations around the erosion and inundation risks to specific area of coastline, and discussion around what protection and management options are being considered for each particular stretch of coastline.

The options being considered range from soft solutions, such as dune restoration and wetland regeneration, to hard solutions, such as stop banks and rock walls or managed retreat.

Sally said how are issues that affect us all, and we need your input so please check for the meeting times and dates, as well as options to hear more if you can’t make it through online channels.

Visit for all the details.

Council is also seeking feedback on whether or not Council should approve the Mayor signing the Local Government Leaders’ Climate Change Declaration.

Sally explained the consultation period started last Friday and runs until 4 pm on Friday 12 November 2021.

In 2019 Council decided to not sign the Declaration, and we are reviewing this following a High Court Decision after a Judicial Review of Council’s position. It should be noted that feedback from the public consultation does not oblige the Mayor to sign.

Go to to find out all the details on that one.

With Labour Weekend this weekend - remember it’s a long weekend so your kerbside collections are a day later next week.

Click play on our podcast link to hear the full Thames Coromandel update with Councillor Sally Christie.