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News / Gold FM Police File with Police Sergeant Nigel Sanderson

Gold FM Police File with Police Sergeant Nigel Sanderson

Gold FM Police File with Police Sergeant Nigel Sanderson

Posted October 22, 2021
Emergency Services , Podcast

Brian Gentil was pleased to welcome Sergeant Nigel Sanderson back into the Gold FM studio.

Waihi has a new Police Sergeant Officer In Charge, Waihi, which is where Nigel is now based.

Sergeant Sanderson has gone through the ranks, formerly working in Waihi and then promoted to Sergeant and transferred to Hamilton, where he worked predominately in front-line policing looking after a team responding to 111 calls with another Sergeant.

Brian asked Sergeant Sanderson whether he had seen changes. Unfortunately he has, and things have got worse.

One thing that has become a real issue in recent times is lock down fatigue Nigel told Brian. It has been very noticeable this time compared to the first lock down.

Nigel has been here in the new role for four days so far and is already planning for summer. A problem in Whangamata last summer means work is going into preparing to ensure there is no repeat this coming summer.

Sergeant Sanderson reminded people in the Coromandel to ensure anyone in restricted areas who might be thinking of venturing out of their alert level for the long weekend should stay where they are rather than visiting this area.

Brian asked about the territory covered locally. Nigel said while they cover Waihi Beach they also help cover for colleagues in Paeroa, Whangamata, Whitianga, wherever a hand is needed, they assist.

Brian asked what’s been happening that shouldn’t be happening locally that people should be reminded about. Sergeant Sanderson said there has been a spate of cars broken into around the Waihi Beach, Whangamata areas. Of about a dozen vehicles, every single one was unlocked. It’s easy to be relaxed living where we do but if we make things harder for these guys it wouldn’t happen, Sergeant Sanderson said.

Remembering to drive to the conditions this Labour Weekend, and don’t drink and drive, was another important message.

Welcome back Sergeant Nigel Sanderson from Waihi Police! Click play to hear the full interview.