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News / Check your notes - counterfeits around

Check your notes - counterfeits around

Check your notes - counterfeits around

Posted November 19, 2021
Community , Business

It’s been brought to Gold FM’s attention that counterfeit notes are circulating at the moment.

Judy Cotton gave us a call to let us know that her friend Margaret has received one and as they’d been out on tiki tours together Judy checked her purse.

Whilst she had no fakes amongst her money, when her husband John checked his notes they found he had also received a counterfeit $5 note.

They think the note may have been handed to them when they were shopping in Whangamata.

We recommend both businesses and shoppers check their bank notes. Judy says they are very good counterfeits and has sent photos to show the comparison.

The best thing to do is hold the notes up to the light as the difference becomes very apparent as the hologram in the large clear window is missing in the counterfeit.

There is also a mark on the counterfeit, but these things are only noticeable on closer inspection as the fake notes feel like the real bank notes.

See more details here…/how-to-spot-a-counterfeit

If you believe someone is trying to pass you a counterfeit note, do not accept it, and notify the Police.

If you find you’ve already received a counterfeit note, put it in an envelope to avoid handling it further and take it to the Police.

Photo credit: John and Judith Cotton - counterfeit note alongside a real one. The counterfeit is the bottom note.