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Coromandel Catch Up with MP Scott Simpson

Coromandel Catch Up with MP Scott Simpson

Posted November 24, 2021

Coromandel MP Scott Simpson called in to Gold FM for a chat.

After telling Brian Gentil how getting his eyes lasered was one of the best things he’s ever done Brian asked him about National’s stance on Three Waters.

We’re opposed to it because we think there are better ways of solving water infrastructure problems, Scott said, adding that one of the first things National will do is to repeal the legislation and return the assets back to rate payers and Councils.

Scott discussed the cause of Three Waters being introduced being due to a problem with sheep and infrastructure that needed upgrading which has been fixed for about $80 million, which is not a lot of money. Fixing the areas where there are problems would be better than a big corporate model being foisted on us all from the National Party’s perspective.

Scott and Brian also discussed Covid 19 and how things have changed since the first year and the problems that are occurring.

Brian asked Scott what would National do that is different. He said Rapid Antigen Testing would enable people to get on with life. He is a keen supporter of vaccination and encourages everyone to get vaccinated. He’s hopeful a lot of people will be heading to his electorate for summer.

Scott wished students well with their NCEA, Scholarship exams and other educational challenges,

Brian asked Scott about the protest he attended on the weekend. He supported the Groundswell Protest because he feels farmers have legitimate gripes with concerns about SNA’s (Significant Natural Areas) and Three Waters in particular and they deserve to be heard.

Brian asked him Scott about the traffic light system and how he saw this working. Scott said the traffic light system is coming at us quite quickly and put his tongue in his cheek to talk about the two sets of traffic lights in his electorate and the other fact that there are no escalators in the Coromandel electorate.

Scott ended with a look ahead to getting his shoes off and getting some sand between his toes this summer and enjoying our beautiful back yard.

Scott had his mask ready as he headed off the Parliament. Click on our podcast to hear the full interview with Coromandel MP Scott Simpson.