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Gold FM Police File

Gold FM Police File

Posted November 24, 2021
Emergency Services , Podcast

Community Constable Harley North called in to update the Gold FM Police File. Click play on our podcast link to listen to the full interview and read a summary below.

Last week in the Coromandel area there were two arrests for breach of bail and one warrant to arrest executed. A big red tractor was stolen from Hikuai, there was some crazy driving on Coromandel roads and drunken violence is already starting to rear its ugly head coming into the silly season. Hopefully this is not an early indication of what to expect this summer now that lockdowns and other restrictions are getting relaxed.

Monday 15 November
A Paeroa man was arrested and charged for failing to stop in relation to a historic traffic incident that occurred at SH2 Karangahake on the 25th of September. He was allegedly caught speeding at 105/80 kph through the gorge. He was stopped at Waihi however when the officer approached the driver window he sped off again. Police caught up with him on Monday and he is now off to Court.

Police are seeking information about a tractor that was stolen from a Hall Road, Hikuai farm. It is a red coloured 2019 CASE Jx100 front end loader valued at $70,000 and is believed to be in the Eastern Waikato area still. Contact police non-urgent number 105 if you have any information.

Wednesday 17 November
An Aongatete man was arrested and charged for being unlawfully on property at a Shaw Road, Waihi Beach address. Neighbours heard a house alarm and windows smashing at a dwelling. Police responded and located the offender inside the house. He allegedly forced entry and was found highly intoxicated and fast asleep. He was taken into custody.

Thursday 18 November
A Thames man was arrested after a traffic stop at Mackay Street. Police were called to the scene after the male driver crashed his vehicle into a bollard outside a local school. He then drove on and crashed into the rear of a parked vehicle. He refused to undergo alcohol blood test procedures and while in custody he damaged an interview room at Thames Police Station with a marker pen. He is now facing several charges in Court.

Friday 19 November
A Waihi man was arrested and charged for wilful damage and common assault in relation to a historic incident which occurred at a Kenny Street property on the 30th of October. He allegedly kicked a woman in the back and smashed her vehicle windows.

Road cones were tampered with at roadworks at SH2 between Paeroa and Karangahake endangering members of the public. Police spent a significant amount of time replacing them.

Police were called to disorder at a Lorraine Place, Whangamata property after reports that a male was deceased after being put in a choke hold. He started breathing again after police arrived and ambulance took him to hospital. Allegedly they were flatmates play fighting and the situation escalated. Reports from witnesses that drugs and alcohol were involved.

Saturday 20 November
A Whitianga man was arrested for possession of a knife after an altercation with bar staff at Whitianga Hotel. He was refused service due to intoxication and he allegedly presented a knife in a threatening manner to the victim. He will be appearing in Court soon.

A Coromandel man was arrested for dangerous driving and failing to stop at SH25 Tairua. He dangerously overtook another vehicle and crashed shortly after at Ocean Beach Road. He is appearing in Court soon.

A Waihi man failed an alcohol breath test returning a result of 669. He was stopped driving out of the BP service station. His driver licence was suspended for 28 days and he is off to Court on a drunk driving charge.

Police attended a violent incident at Waihi Beach. A male victim was bottled causing a large laceration to his head. He retaliated and punched a vehicle window causing another serious laceration to his hand. He was transported to hospital by ambulance. All parties are known and police are investigating.

Sunday 21 November
A Ngatea man was arrested and charged with two counts of threatening behaviour after an altercation involving his employer at a Kaihere farm a couple of days earlier on the 19th of November. He allegedly threatened to kill the farm manager and threatened to assault another employee. He is appearing in Court soon.

A Whitianga woman was arrested for dangerous driving in relation to a family harm incident. She allegedly chased her male partner and children in a vehicle through Whitianga streets and crashed into a culvert, crashed into the rear of his vehicle and undertook a member of the public while chasing him around town. She is appearing in Court soon.

Police attended a house fire at Mount Sea Road, Thames which is under investigation to determine any suspicious circumstances. An ambulance officer was also allegedly assault. Police are investigating.

Road policing message
Police can only do so much to prevent crashes through education, engagement and enforcement and NZTA and local government fix and repair roads to make them as safe as they can be and promote safe driving. But none of this makes any difference when certain motorists are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or are just choosing to drive dangerously for whatever reason. If you’re what could be considered a normal prudent driver you can tip the odds in your favour by driving under the speed limit, always wearing your seat belt, following at a safe distance so you have time to react and constantly scanning for hazards when you’re driving.

Police contacts
Report crime online at<> - If it’s already happened call 105. If it’s happening now call 111. For traffic matters call *555 (mobile phone only). To remain anonymous call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111. Paeroa, Waihi and Whangamata police station public counters are open business hours and police are working in the area 24/7.

Click play to listen to the full Police File with Community Constable Harley North.