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News / A week of weaker westerlies

A week of weaker westerlies

A week of weaker westerlies

Posted December 06, 2021

Media Release: MetService

The working week has started off rather wet with a few MetService Heavy Rain Warnings in force. Most of Aotearoa/New Zealand will have seen at least a few drops from cloudy skies today (Monday), however, Wellington bore the brunt with over 50% of their average monthly rainfall happening in a 6-hour window! For southern parts of the country, a chilly start might have even warranted an extra layer of clothing or two. That’s not to say it’s here to stay, with a week of weaker westerlies winds and warm, muggy air on the way.

So, what does this mean? MetService meteorologist Tui McInnes explains:

“Firstly, wet in the west and dry in the east for the most part. Westerly winds bring continued showery, wet weather to the western coasts, especially for the South Island. East of our mountain ranges, drier weather prevails. However, given the time of year, some afternoon showers and maybe a thunderstorm or two could pop up – although this is very localised and not widespread.”

“Secondly, some cloudy skies and warm nights ahead. Plenty of moisture hanging around our latitudes makes for some often-cloudy skies, particularly in western regions. And while we don’t quite get the calm, clear, sunny weather, we do get warmth. Once Monday’s rain peters out, temperatures climb into the 20’s for most towns and cities. But it’s the overnight temperatures that might be more noticeable, making it hard to keep with the duvet overnight for the North Island in particular!”

McInnes concludes, “The weather is a bit of a mixed bag this week, but for most Kiwis the sun will soon be out, and that warmth will return!”