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NOTE: This event is dated in the PAST. Upcoming dates will be posted once confirmed.

Stand At Dawn

Stand At Dawn

25 April 2020

Town: Waihi

Venue: All Over New Zealand

Times: 6 am

Cost: FREE

Phone: 078639644


This year, Anzac Day will be like no other. Let’s all Stand At Dawn — apart, but together as one.

With traditional Anzac Day services cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Zealand Defence Force along with the Royal New Zealand RSA are encouraging everyone to take part in a unique Dawn Service – standing together as a nation, while standing alongside those in their bubble, at dawn on Anzac Day.

The ‘Stand at Dawn’ campaign calls for New Zealanders, wherever they are in the world, to stand at their letterbox, front door, or balcony with others from their home at 6am on April 25, in order to take a moment to remember the sacrifice of others in service of our country.

This Anzac Day will be like no other but the significance of the day will not be lost just because we cannot do things the way we have always done them.

Lest We Forget