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Coromandel Watchdog guards their backyard

Posted 22 January 2019 by Gold FM in Environmental

Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki says it will be peacefully protecting places like Opoutere and Pauanui from toxic mining activity now that OceanaGold has applied for an extension to the duration of an exploration permit which covers 1490 hectares from the entrance to the settlement of Pauanui down to Opoutere and has recently been in talks with local authorities about beginning a drilling program there, which they plan to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“This is such a beautiful and loved beach; this area would be completely changed by industrial mining. The peace, the tranquillity that it is known for, all gone, and all for the sake of a Canadian mining companies shareholders.” says Augusta Macassey-Pickard, spokesperson for Watchdog. “And Pauanui is such a popular spot, with so many baches and visitors and tourists coming to the area every summer. Have these people, these communities been asked if they would welcome an industrial goldmine on top of them? No.”

“OceanaGold is intent on mining the Coromandel, recently announcing further mining under more homes in Waihi, drilling in threatened species habitat and outstanding landscapes and now right up against one of the Coromandel’s beautiful and iconic beaches. However, our organisation has strong support from our communities and will be peacefully protecting places like Opoutere and Pauanui from toxic mining activity. We need to reuse the gold above the ground rather than create more destruction in the environment. We have beaten them before, we will again. I certainly wouldn’t be investing in any mining projects on the Coromandel” says Augusta. “OceanaGold have done enough damage in Waihi and should give up on trying to destroy any more of this beautiful area.”

Permit 51630 shows the permit area for exploration