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Council Matters with Mayor John Tregidga

Posted 15 February 2018 by Gold FM in Council Matters and Podcasts

Mayor John Tregidga called in to talk about Council Matters and spoke about brown drinking water issues. 
While there is no quick fix for the brown-tinted drinking water periodically on tap in the Hauraki Plains, the Council is investigating a possible long-term solution. Caused by high levels of manganese, the Mayor said the discoloured water won't be a cheap fix, the council is committed to fixing the problem and while it looks unappealing it is safe to drink.

The Karangahake carpark is a very popular stopover point and at the moment the council is having to take trucks into the gorge to pump out the waste water from the public toilets and transport it away. Engineers have suggested a new system is installed and residents in the area will also have the option to connect to the system - at a cost. The government has agreed to assist with the upgrade.

The Gold Discovery Centre has changed hands and questions have been asked about the ratepayer funding that has gone into the project that will now be privately owned by some members of the trust that managed the Gold Discovery Centre. The Mayor said he was somewhat disappointed about the sale. “It was out of council’s hands, really. It’s owned by a trust. It’s an independent trust. We can’t tell the trust what to do. I had been kept informed that that was the option they were looking at. “One thing we have checked out – it did go through a robust process of expressions of interest throughout New Zealand. They had a lot of expressions of interest, there were a number – eight or ten, so I think that’s a reasonable sort of gauge of expressions of interest. But at the end of the day, apparently, from what I gather there was just the one that was willing to put up the money.”

Brian Gentil asked whether there was a streetside collection of electronic goods and appliances to be recycled. The Mayor was unsure and sais he'd do some research and revisit the question next week.

The This Is ME Festival is all about getting women and young girls into physical activity. Waihi will host the event this Saturday at Morgan Park, Waihi from 10 am to 1 pm. "Come along and support it and we'll see you there," he said.

To hear the full Council Matters with Hauraki Mayor John Tregidga - click play.