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Food recall - Beehive brand Original Sausages (1kg)

Posted 25 September 2018 by Gold FM in Media Release and Health

Premier Beehive NZ is recalling a specific batch of its Beehive brand Original sausages as the product may contain foreign matter (metal). 

Name of product (size) - Beehive brand Original sausages (1kg)

Batch marking 234234

Date marking Use by 17/10/18

Package size and description
The product is sold in clear 1kg plastic bags
The product is sold in supermarkets and selected retail outlets throughout New Zealand.
This recall does not affect any other Beehive brand products.

Customers are asked to check the batch number and date mark on the front of the packet.
Affected product should not be consumed. There have been no reports of injury, however, if you have consumed this product and have any concerns about your health, seek medical advice.
Customers should return the products to their retailer for a full refund