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Gold FM Police File

Posted 21 August 2018 by Gold FM in Emergency Services - Police, Fire, Civil Defence and Podcasts

Community Constable Harley North updated the Police File this week. Pigs can't fly but they can ham it up and leg it for a pig out as Bess, the wayward porker from last week's Police File proved again this week. Read more about Bess's porky adventures further down and listen in to hear Harley talking about her latest escapade.

Monday 13 August 
A 37 year old Tokoroa male was arrested at a Roberts Street address for breaching his Court bail conditions by associating with a female he had assaulted earlier. He was also charged with a theft relating to an incident at the Commercial Hotel last week and served with three trespass notices for various premises. 
A 31 year old Waihi male was arrested at an Adams Street address for breaching his Court imposed bail conditions of no alcohol. He was later was remanded in custody at Hamilton.

Wednesday 15 August 
Bess the brazen boar did a runner again from her Savage Road pen. No police pursuit through town or KFC this time, however. She was found at Cambridge Road casually munching on a neighbours orange tree. Good to see she is following a balanced diet with healthy food choices. She was coerced back home by a blushing owner carrying a pig bucket. Bess got a stern telling off from the attending police officer although when asked for an explanation she offered no remorse and just grunted. Waihi Police are considering fitting an ankle bracelet and imposing a curfew.

Police served a police safety order on a 34 year old Waihi male at a Moresby Avenue address in relation to a family harm incident.

Thursday 16 August 
Police are investigating a burglary at a Seddon Street café involving several local youths stealing items. A 13 year old male has been referred to the Police Youth Aid Service for burglary.

A 22 year old Waihi male was arrested at a Moresby Avenue address. He is charged with two counts of perverting the cause of justice in relation to a historic family harm incident.

Waihi Police assisted Whangamata Police at a Tui Road address to arrest a 37 year old male who had breached Court imposed bail conditions and a protection order in relation to a historic family harm incident. At the time he was already facing charges of breaching a police safety order and wilful damage against the same victim.

Friday 17 August 
Police attended a historic burglary that occurred overnight at a Gilmour Street address where some garden ornaments were stolen from the front yard of the property. Police are seeking information about the unique ornaments which feature birds.

A 47 year old Clevedon male was summonsed for operating a vehicle causing a sustained loss of traction at Surfers Avenue, Waihi Beach. His Chevrolet Camaro motor vehicle was seized and impounded for 28 days.

A 17 year old Morrinsville male was processed for drink driving after he was stopped by police at Broadway, Waihi Beach. The result of the breath test was 160 micrograms of alcohol. The alcohol limit for persons under 20 is zero. He has been charged and will be appearing in Court.

Police attended a traffic crash at Rosemont Road after a car hit a pedestrian. The pedestrian sustained a suspected fracture to her foot and was taken to hospital. Police are investigating.

A 17 year old Waihi Beach male was given a warning for possession of a drug utensil after he was stopped by police driving at Waihi Beach.

Saturday 18 August 
A stolen motor vehicle was located crashed at SH25 Waihi. The vehicle been stolen a few hours earlier from outside a Gladstone Road address. Police are awaiting forensic test results from the crash scene.

A 40 year old Waihi woman was processed for drink driving after she was stopped by police at Seddon Street. The result of the breath test was 559 micrograms of alcohol. She has been charged and will be appearing in Court.

Sunday 19 August 
A security guard was allegedly assaulted at Crown Hill Road, Karangahake. Police are investigating.

Waihi Police are searching for the owner of a diamond ring which was found in a service lane behind Rosemont Road, Waihi. If anyone has information as to the owner please make contact.

Police crime prevention advice for the week: 
In regard to driving make sure you have a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front. That way you will have enough time to make a sudden stop if you need to. Several seconds can pass from the time your brain processes a hazard until you come to a complete stop. This is because it takes time to react to the hazard and take action. The faster you are going, the longer it will take to stop. Increase your following distance as you increase your speed. Remember the two and four second road rules. Two seconds under normal conditions and four seconds under bad weather and hazardous conditions.

Waihi Police are interested in any information relating to crime. For non-urgent matters or enquiries contact Police 24/7 on 0800 780 101 (ask for the Crime Reporting Line) or to remain anonymous call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111, or visit the Waihi Police Station during public counter open hours Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 3 pm. For urgent matters call 111 and ask for police. Click on our podcast to hear the full Police File.