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Voting papaer

Vote & Post in Flag Referendum - Have Your Say

Posted 10 March 2016 by Gold FM in Media Release
Media Release: Coromandel MP Scott Simpson

Coromandel MP Scott Simpson is urging local voters not to put off voting in the flag referendum. He says it’s a postal vote and it’s far too easy to put voting papers on the kitchen table and forget to come back to them. “Whatever your views, if...
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Waihi East School

They Did It - And Then Some!

Posted 24 November 2015, 8:17 am by Gold FM in Media Release
Media Release: Waihi East School

We did it! When Waihi East School children decided to raise $2,000 for a LifePod infant incubator they thought it would be a challenge. Little did they know they’d soon have their town behind them, and through hard work and donations, they've...
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Scott Simpson Veronica Manning

Coromandel Youth MP Selected

Posted 11 November 2015, 9:09 am by Gold FM in Media Release

Local MP Scott Simpson has selected  Year 12 Thames High School student Veronica Manning as the Coromandel  representative for  Youth Parliament 2016. “Veronica is a young woman with a passion for Coromandel.  She understands the issues confronting...
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Art Waikino Winner edit

Art Waikino Winners

Posted 27 October 2015, 4:06 pm by Gold FM in Media Release and History, Arts & Culture
Media Release: ArtWaikino - Helen Wilson

Both of the judges at ARTWaikino agreed that the standard of art this year was at a high level and they had difficulty in choosing who should be in the prize money. The winners were announced at the wine and cheese opening in the Victoria Hall on...
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