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Thom and Tasmin Champion important campaign

Posted 17 December 2018 by Gold FM in Education,Podcasts and Health

It’s Not Ok Waihi & Waihi Beach has more Community Champions to support their campaign to stop violence of all types in our community. Thom Spicer & Tasmin Skinner, currently Waihi College Students, are highlighting online or cyberbullying, which has become a major issue in this digital era. 

Cyberbullying is bullying (social and verbal bullying and physical threats) that uses digital technology in some way. Young people are using technology all the time and cyberbullying has become a huge problem. Access to technology means that cyberbullying can happen anywhere and anytime. Even in victims own homes. 

Brian Gentil spoke to Thom and Tasmin about their new role as Community Champions. 

Listen to our podcast to hear what Thom and Tasmin had to say.

Are you Ok? For more information call 800 456 450 or visit the website