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Waikato District Health Board Update with Sally Christie

Posted 26 June 2018 by Gold FM in Education and Health

Sally Christie is a Thames Coromandel District Councillor and member of the Waikato District Health Board. She talks to Brian Gentil regularly about health issues in the district.

The 150th anniversary of Thames Hospital has arrived. Sally encourages people to find out more about the celebrations happening in the first week of November. A reunion for former staff members, a special commemorative book and more are planned.

There's a big push on NO Smoking at Waikato Hospital and it applies to all other hospitals including Thames Hospital too. Patients are encouraged to ask for nicotine replacement therapy while they are in hospital to help to stay smoke free. It's free and will help with recovery! People visiting patients are also asked to not take patients cigarettes and to refrain from smoking while they are there.

A ten year health system plan is all about delivering excellent care, mental health services and keeping people healthy. People have shared their thoughts on mental health and will be offered opportunities to engage with the District Health Board and Government to have their say about what they feel is crucial to the health service in New Zealand. A series of community sessions will be organised for those who wish to have input and people are encouraged to write to the Health Board and their minister to have their say.

The upcoming threat of strike action by nurses could cause disruptions in service. Sally stressed that people who have bookings may be contacted leading up to the strike. They should wait to hear whether their appointments or surgeries will be affected. She gave some good advice.

Click play to hear the full interview with Sally Christie.