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Ed Sheerhan - photograph

Ed Sheerhan's Photograph

Posted 11 May 2015 by Warner Music

To celebrate Mother’s Day in many parts of the world, Ed Sheerhan decided to launch the video for his latest single ‘Photograph’ early. Check it out! It's a peek inside Ed's family album.
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Kiwi Rockers Make History in US

Posted 24 April 2015 by Gold FM in New Zealand Music
Media Release: Nicole Thomas - Warner Music

After returning from their Europe tour with Black Veil Brides, Kiwi hard rockers Like A Storm’s latest single, ‘Wish You Hell’, just hit #17 on US Hard Rock Radio - making it the first Kiwi song in history to break the Top 20. Like A Storm is now...
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Eric Clapton 'Best Of' Out Soon

Posted 19 March 2015 by Gold FM

Legendary songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and 19-time Grammy Award-winner Eric Clapton will release a brand-new ‘Best Of’ compilation, entitled FOREVER MAN. Featuring 51 tracks over three CDs, FOREVER MAN spans three decades of Clapton’s Reprise...
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Fleetwood Mac Announce NZ Tour

Posted 19 March 2015 by Gold FM in Concerts

The rumours are true - the legendary FLEETWOOD MAC will bring their On With The Show World Tour to New Zealand in 2015. The On With The Show Tour will mark Fleetwood Mac’s first series of concert dates in New Zealand since 2009’s sold-out Unleashed...
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Xing and Texting Fingers For Sarah

Posted 16 March 2015 by Gold FM in New Zealand Music

After being put out of her comfort zone by having a song chosen for her to perform in the X Factor show on Sunday night, Sarah Spicer’s friends and fans came through for her and got busy texting to make sure she gets to stay in the controversial...
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X Factor Judges Judged on Judging

Posted 15 March 2015 by Gold FM

A disgruntled viewer of last night’s X Factor started an online petition to give Natalia Kills and Willy Moon the ‘heave ho’ from the talent shows judging pedestals for bullying contestants. Media Works and TV3, the targets for the petition, which...
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Robin and Pharrell - Got to Give it Up

Posted 11 March 2015 by Gold FM

The children of rhythm and blues singer Marvi Gaye have been awarded approximately 7.4 million dollars in damages after a jury found that Pharrell Williams and Robyn Thicke copied a song which earned them many more millions of dollars. Blurred...
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Queen Releases Tracks Featuring Freddie Mercury

Posted 23 November 2014 by Gold FM
Media Release: Matt Offord - Universal Music New Zealand

On the anniversary of Freddie Mercury's death, 'Let Me In Your Heart Again', a previously unreleased track from Freddie Mercury and Queen has been released. The new track is taken from the new album Queen Forever. Queen Forever...
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David Bowie

David Bowie Compilation - Nothing Has Changed

Posted 8 October 2014 by Gold FM
Media Release: Nicloe Thomas - Warner Music

David Bowie's compilation NOTHING HAS CHANGED which is being released on November 21, collects together for the first time the definitive collection of Bowie’s music from 1964 to 2014. Fifty years on from his first recordings, David Bowie...
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Jethro Tull

Jethro Tull To Release Warchild

Posted 6 October 2014 by Gold FM
Media Release: Nicloe Thomas - Warner Music

In 1974, Jethro Tull announced plans for WARCHILD, a multi-faceted project that was to encompass a feature-length film, a soundtrack album, as well a new album from the band. In October of that year, Tull released a 10-song album that would climb to...
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Jackson Browne - Standing In The Breach

Jackson Browne - Standing In The Breach

Posted 3 September 2014 by Gold FM
Media Release: Nicloe Thomas - Warner Music

Jackson Browne is set to release his new album STANDING IN THE BREACH on October 3. STANDING IN THE BREACH, Jackson's fourteenth studio album, is a collection of ten songs, at turns deeply personal and political, exploring love, hope, and...
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Robert Plant

Robert Plant to Release New Album

Posted 2 September 2014 by Gold FM

Robert Plant’s new album, LULLABY AND… THE CEASELESS ROAR, is being released this Friday, September 5. Produced by Plant, the album features 11 new recordings, nine of which are original songs written by Plant with his band, The Sensational Space...
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Stan Walker

Stan Walker Takes On A Challenge

Posted 21 July 2014 by Gold FM in New Zealand Music
Media Release: Sony Music New Zealand

STAN WALKER, along with friends and fellow kiwi artists MAISEY RIKA, RIA HALL and TROY KINGI have taken on a challenge to get a Maori song to #1 on the NZ TOP 40 SINGLES CHART, it has been 30 years since a Maori language track held this chart...
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Heart Of Katherine

The Heart of Katherine

Posted 7 July 2014 by Gold FM in New Zealand Music

Brian Gentil spoke to Marty Bryant from 'The Heart of Katherine' today. Marty looks after vocals and piano in a musical project that he started in 2012. The Heart of Katherine's name was inspired by a busker Marty met who was singing...
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Michael Jackson's Magic

Posted 23 May 2014 by Gold FM

The late Michael Jackson underwent a resurrection of sorts at the BillBoard Music Awards ceremony held recently. The star studded audience watched in amazement as the ‘King of Pop’ joined 15 live dancers and took centre stage to dance and sing...
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Jodi Millar CD

NZ Music Month - Jodi Millar aka Snapdragon

Posted 22 May 2014 by Gold FM

This month Gold FM is targeting musicians in 'our neighbourhood' and Brian Gentil caught up with Jodi Millar. Jodi is an early childhood educator who works in Waihi, lives in Whangamata and is passionate about passing on her love of music...
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Sarah Spicer

NZ Music Month - Sarah Spicer

Posted 19 May 2014 by Gold FM

May is New Zealand Month and we've been targeting some of the talented musicians who live in our neighbourhood. Sarah Spicer called in to talk with Brian Gentil about her music - Click play to hear the interview and listen to Sarah sing three...
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Eric Tricklebank

NZ Music Month - Eric Tricklebank

Posted 16 May 2014 by Gold FM

Gold FM is targeting local musicians to celebrate New Zealand Music Month this May. Brian Gentil spoke to Eric Tricklebank today. Click play to hear Eric talking about his music and to hear his self penned and performed track Same Tribe.
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Shona Laing

Celebrating NZ Music Month 2014 with Shona Laing

Posted 12 May 2014 by Gold FM

May is New Zealand Music Month and your local New Zealand owned and operated station Gold FM is highlighting the talented musicians who live in our district. Shona Laing has written some of NZ's most memorable songs since coming to the...
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Coldplay - A Sky Full of Stars

Coldplay's Ghost Stories

Posted 2 May 2014 by Gold FM
Media Release: Nicole Thomas - Warner Music

Coldplay have debuted ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’, the second single to be taken from their upcoming sixth album, GHOST STORIES. Earlier in the week Coldplay announced that they will reveal the lyrics for all nine songs from GHOST STORIES by hiding Chris...
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