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King Kapisi – Hear Me Now

Posted 22 July 2016 by Gold FM in Music

A new song by hip hop artist King Kapisi is encouraging young drivers to stop for Police when requested, following a recent concerning trend of fleeing driver incidents, particularly in Auckland.

Kapisi, Auckland Transport and Police are reaching out via the new song and music video, ‘Hear Me Now', in the hope people will listen and take the messages on board.

Kapisi became aware of this emerging issue through family who work in Police. “I was sad to learn about the number of young people who are putting their own lives and the lives of others at risk for a cheap thrill,” he says.

“We want people to realise the buzz they think they might get from speeding and trying to get away from the Police is just not worth the risk – there’s better ways to have fun” he says.

‘Hear Me Now’ highlights a serious issue that often results in a waste of young lives. It is of particular concern to AT and Police in Auckland, who are devastated that some young people are not able to grow up and reach their full potential because of bad decisions and unsafe driving.

“There are a group of drivers, mainly young males, who are increasingly failing to stop for Police when requested or signalled to do so, who then engage in unsafe driving in their attempts to evade Police” says National Road Policing Manager, Superintendent Steve Greally.

“Police do not want to see anyone die needlessly on our roads. This unsafe driving increases the risk of crashes as well as the possibility of injury or death. Approximately 16% of fleeing driver incidents involve a crash.

“When people die on our roads their families and friends are affected forever, and it is generally police officers who have to let the victim’s loved ones know. These are extremely sad moments that our officers never forget,” he says.